Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the term? 3 months.

What is the minimum engagement? 3 hours per week.

Does Skyblue work on a commission basis?
No. However, because our goal is to help you grow your business, we offer three different fee options:

  1. Competitive monthly fees - For this option, SkyBlue acts as your inside sales team based on a pre-determined number of hours per week, and specific minimum contract. So when we generate a lead, and it turns into a source of recurring revenue, you own it. No long-term commissions or complex annuities to pay.

  2. Hourly fees plus success bonus for appointments set - Under this option, you'll pay a reduced hourly fee plus a predetermined fixed cost for every appointment we set for you.

  3. Hourly fees plus success bonus for sales achieved - Under this option, you'll pay a reduced hourly fee plus a predetermined fixed cost for every appointment we set for you.

Do you guarantee the number of appointments you’ll set?
No, but we'll do our best to provide an accurate estimate based on your goals, your budget, and the number of calls we make on your behalf.

Does Skyblue provide call reports?
Yes, you’ll receive call reports once a month, detailing who we talked with.

Does Skyblue accompany me on appointments?
Our goal is to provide highly qualified leads for you, and let you close the deal. Often times, we will go on first appointments to get a better feel for how you sell, what the hot buttons of your prospects are, so we have a better idea how to provide better leads. We also offer an enthusiastic testimonial on your behalf.

How do you compile a data base of qualified leads?
We cold call, or utilize our huge network of contacts to locate new prospects.

Do you provide lists?
Yes. We can provide a list, you may use your own list, or we’ll use a combination. The choice is truly yours. We have access to the best list sources available.

How do you customize our appointment setting campaign?
We plan with you to identify the target results you want to achieve. During a strategy session, we completely customize your campaign to meet your needs. The customization and strategy process is as follows:

  • Identify your Ideal Customer Profile to target in terms of size, vertical markets, etc.
  • Develop your script. We partner with you shoulder-to-shoulder to develop an effective, powerful, attention generating script after reviewing your value proposition, benefits, specific offering and previous scripts available.
  • Identify the most common objections.
  • Identify the most effective rebuttals to those objections.
  • List your qualifying questions.
  • Uncover answers to FAQ’s such as “How long have you been in business?” and “Who are some of your clients?”
  • Learn your product or service offering by reading your literature and web site content.


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