Lead Generation for Creative Services
Experiencing more famine than feast lately?

Anyone in the world of marketing, advertising, design and other creative specialties is painfully aware of the cyclical nature of this up-and-down industry. One week you're swamped, the next week you're scrambling to find new work. So what's the answer? Whatever your creative specialty, SkyBlue specializes in helping companies like yours connect with companies looking for your services. Here's why many creative services businesses invest their marketing budget in contract lead generation:

  • Contacts you need -- we're connected with key marketing people in a wide variety of companies looking for creative professionals.

  • Prospects with real potential -- You get appointments with qualified decision makers who are ready to discuss projects now.

  • No high-pressure cold calling -- No tedious follow-ups. Just appointments with prospects who are eager to listen.

Here's what our clients say:

"Skyblue helped us get appointments with several key art directors and art buyers who became good clients." -- Karin Martinson , Caswell Photography

"Skyblue puts us in touch with a least two companies who have a need for our services each month." -- Scott Zosel , Zosel&Co, Web Marketing

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